Our Story

Plastic dish scrubs and sponges are commonplace in most homes in Africa and are some of the most wasteful products in our kitchens. They are made from oil-based plastic and are often treated with harsh chemicals. They shed tiny fibers, a type of microplastic when in use, which can’t be filtered out by water treatment plants and end up in our water cycle; rivers, the ocean and even drinking water.

Then there’s the waste factor because they are replaced often, so fill up landfills as they are not recyclable. Plastic sponges don’t decompose and can last up to 52,000 years in a landfill. Additionally, plastic brooms consistently shed the plastic bristles when in use and again these are washed down to the oceans. The brooms and plastic handle break and age ending up as plastic waste.

We want to help solve the plastic problem in-home care, as we believe providing plastic-free alternatives used in the daily cleaning activities in most households will start the conversation and increase awareness and consciousness of plastic waste resulting from each household.

By offering alternatives to the plastic and synthetic products found in almost every household, we aim to reduce the use of plastics in the home and in turn the amount washed into the final sink; oceans.